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Instill in your children the importance of self-care

at an early age so that they may learn to prioritize their mental and physical health into adulthood, and

better pave the way for a healthy, happy life

As an adult, you may understand that setting aside time to care for your body, heart, mind and soul is a key ingredient for leading a healthier and happier life. This is why we often engage in self-care practices that prioritize our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

So if self-care is so good for us, imagine how great it would be for a child to develop a self-care mindset at a very young age...


The earlier your child learns self-care, the more likely they are to:

  • Develop and maintain self-care attitudes 

  • Include self-care in their daily routine

  • Equip themselves with healthy tools to combat anxiety and depression

  • Express self-love and confidence


Encourage your child to pursue physical activities that they enjoy. This is important!

e.g. sports, dance, and walks


Expose your kids to a variety of strategies so they can discover what suits their needs best e.g. Journaling


Introduce activities that encourage mindfulness, self-awareness, and tolerance

e.g.  Big Life Journal


Create opportunities for centering and connection in your child's daily routine 

e.g. cuddle time or meditate

Tools for Self-Care

For Kids, Teens & Tweens

The Big Life Journal is the world's first growth mindset journal for kids.

These Illustrated & Guided Journals help Kids, Tweens & Teens Build Self-Esteem & Resiliency

using proven science-based methods. It is packed with Stories, Poems, Quotes, Illustrations & Writing Prompts that teach young minds perseverance, grit, self-belief, positive thinking, and more

Big Life Journal  (ages 7-10)

Big Life Journal (ages 7-10)

Big Life Journal (ages 7-10)

Big Life Journal (ages 7-10)

Big Life Journal for Tweens & Teens (ages 11+)

Big Life Journal for Tweens & Teens (ages 11+)

To get started on your child's self-care journey with

The Big Life Journal as your guide, click the button below to

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