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Breaking the Silence: Why We Need to Talk About the Barriers BIPOC Face in Mental Health

Updated: Feb 1

In a world where hashtags and filters dominate our social media feeds, it's easy to forget the real struggles behind the glossy façade. For BIPOC individuals, the journey to mental wellness is often fraught with obstacles that go unspoken, buried beneath layers of cultural stigma and systemic inequalities.

I remember vividly the time when I was 21. It was supposed to be a milestone, a celebration of reaching adulthood. But instead, it marked the beginning of a journey I never expected. It was the time when I found out about fibroids. I remember feeling scared, not just because I didn't know much about the condition, but more so because I didn't realize how common it was for Black women like myself.

Did I set out on a mission to share what I had learned? No, because even the doctors couldn't tell me more than what I discovered regarding Black women being susceptible to having fibroids. Over time, I came to realize from friends and family who shared the same diagnosis that stress was a big contributor. When we fail to prioritize ourselves, our bodies force us to listen.

So, the next time you scroll past posts advocating for self-care and mental health awareness, ask yourself how often do we truly delve into the realities faced by BIPOC communities? The truth is, we don't talk about the barriers enough. We may shy away from uncomfortable conversations about discrimination in the system because we have come to expect it, economic disparities, and the profound impact of historical and ongoing traumas.

But here's the thing: talking about these barriers isn't just about airing grievances. It's about validation. It's about acknowledging the shared experiences that bind us together, even in our struggles. By opening up about the challenges BIPOC individuals face in accessing mental health support, we pave the way for meaningful dialogue and tangible change.

When we share our stories, we not only empower ourselves but also uplift those who may be silently grappling with similar battles. We shine a light on the cracks in the system, sparking conversations about how to bridge the gaps and create more inclusive spaces for healing.

So let's break the silence. Let's amplify the voices that have been silenced for too long. Let's talk about the barriers BIPOC face in mental health, because only then can we begin to dismantle them, brick by brick.

At The Wellness Studio by Cicco Aroma we hope we can cultivate a culture of openness, understanding, and resilience. Together, we can rewrite the narrative and build a future where everyone has access to the support they need to thrive. Because talking about the barriers is the first step toward tearing them down.

Let's start the conversation! DM us, visit us, email us... we are all for it!

Oh, and about the image, that is Dylan and I at 21. We figured if we get more engagement with images of us, maybe we will get more people to see the caption which reminds us all (see it on Instagram) #BlackMentalHealthMatters #BIPOCMentalHealthMatters

Thanks for staying tuned! may your day be kind.


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