How we started


Following many years of discomfort due to Uterine Fibroid and the growing impact it was having on my mental, emotional, social and physical health, I decided to invest time in exploring what my body needed to achieve and maintain wellness. This set me on a path that has now proved to be life changing.


On this self-care journey, I began to learn more about how skin was an avenue for introducing toxins into the body and that over time topical applications contributed to my state of internal wellness. It was this realization that made me closely examine my body lotions, soaps, shampoos and other personal care products that could be playing a role in my hormonal imbalance, further agitating my Uterine Fibroid symptoms. 


In my quest, I found relief exploring natural toxin free solutions that would support my self-care and allow me to be in better control of my healthcare. My first creation, a body butter free of toxins but rich in goodness piqued interest among family and friends. With a background in biology and a curious mind, I began to explore other plant-based self-care solutions... and before long Cicco Aroma was born; natural plant-based solutions to everyday self-care packaged in eco-friendly jars.

Today, our collection has evolved to feature clean beauty products such as body oils, scrubs, bath salts, bath teas, plant-based cosmetics and aromatherapy on-the-go solutions that are kind to your body, mind, heart and soul. Whether you're stressed, over worked, or simply needing to reconnect with yourself, Cicco Aroma has a simple natural solution to being kinder to yourself.  


Every ingredient is carefully researched for an effective blend your skin will simply love! Don't take my word for it, try it for yourself! Warning - You might just love it!  :)