Our brand

Thank you for choosing Cicco Aroma self-care solutions; a collection of handcrafted and plant-based products designed to cater to your mind, body and soul. Our brand is inspired by a holistic approach to self-care; the practice of taking an active role in investing in one's own wellness and happiness.

Our vision


We believe in the power of self healing through care which is defined as the provisions necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone or something. For with care we can facilitate kindness, compassion, love, patience and self awareness. Our vision of care fostered by nature's healing gifts is natural, organic, and toxin free and thereby inspired by the realization that a healthier and balanced version of yourself is only a choice away.

Our mission


At Cicco Aroma, we like to consider ourselves partners in your self-care journey. We are dedicated to helping our clients explore the health benefits of researched natural remedies available in our online Self-Love Shop, and The Wellness Studio by Cicco Aroma located in Vaughan. We share self-care tips and rituals explored in our Self-care blog, and essential oil solutions used to improve physical, emotional and mental states of being presented in our Shop by the Vibe collectionWhether you are stressed, over worked, or simply needing to reconnect with yourself, Cicco Aroma has a simple natural solution to being kinder to yourself. 

Our values


We advocate for kindness and compassion towards yourself, others, and the environment. Our self-care collection features clean beauty products such as body butters, scrubs, bath salts, bath teas, aromatherapy solutions and more, all made with love. Our plant-based self-care solutions are ethically sourced and packaged with the three principles of sustainability in mind for a skin-kind and nature-kind solution to self-care.



Carefully crafted and handmade with love


No animal ingredients and not tested on animals

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All ingredients are petrochemical free


Natural ingredients from pure plant and flower extracts