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Our facial clay mask made from natural and simple ingredients from earth and plants, offers a creamy DIY mud mask.


Made from Kaolin clay, known for its gentle nature, this is an ideal choice for individuals with sensitive or dry skin. It acts as a magnet to draw out impurities from your skin and pores, leaving them clean, while simultaneously moisturizing your skin leaving it smooth and soft. It is so gentle that it can even be used on babies (although we do suggest conducting a patch test first).


Kaolin clay's oil-absorbing qualities also make it a suitable option for those with oily skin. All skin types could benefit from it's many applications.


Deep Cleansing: Due to its unique molecular structure, kaolin possesses the capability to effectively absorb deeply embedded impurities such as dirt, grime, and environmental pollutants. It provides a thorough cleanse for the skin, and notably, it doesn't lead to skin dryness, making it particularly beneficial for individuals with dry skin.


Gentle Exfoliation: Kaolin clay has a slightly abrasive yet exceptionally gentle texture. This quality makes it an outstanding exfoliating agent that removes dead skin cells without causing redness or irritation.


Pore Refinement: Kaolin clay's ability to deeply cleanse and exfoliate renders it an excellent choice for reducing the appearance of pores.


Excess Oil Absorption: Kaolin's absorbent properties enable it to effectively soak up excess oil without completely stripping away your skin's natural oils. This leaves the skin looking balanced, radiant, and well-nourished.


Soothing Irritation: Whether you're dealing with a bug bite or an uncomfortable rash, kaolin's healing properties can offer immediate (albeit temporary) relief for inflamed or irritated skin. It also provides relief for inflamed pimples, facilitating skin healing without causing redness and itching.



Skin Benefits when used as reccomended


Acne: Kaolin clay serves as a natural remedy and detoxifier for the skin. Its potential to eliminate toxins, bacteria, and excess oil from skin pores makes it a valuable option for managing acne. Kaolin clay face masks prove highly effective for addressing acne-prone skin. To harness its acne-fighting properties, you can create a face mask by blending kaolin clay with other natural antibacterial ingredients like apple cider vinegar or honey. Alternatively, you can mix it with water or gentle essential oils such as tea tree essential oil to treat acne in sensitive areas such as the neck and chest.


Kaolin Clay for Psoriasis: Psoriasis, a persistent skin condition characterized by red, flaky patches, often accompanied by itchiness and discomfort, can benefit from the anti-inflammatory and soothing effects of kaolin clay. It aids in reducing irritation and inflammation associated with psoriasis, fostering skin hydration and promoting healing. Kaolin clay can assist in alleviating existing psoriasis symptoms and potentially preventing future flare-ups by diminishing inflammation.


Kaolin Clay for Eczema: Eczema, a prevalent skin condition leading to red, itchy, and inflamed patches, can find relief through the application of kaolin clay. To employ kaolin clay for eczema, prepare a paste by mixing one tablespoon of kaolin clay with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. Apply this paste directly to the affected areas once daily. After allowing it to sit on the skin for 10 minutes, rinse it off with lukewarm water and gently pat your skin dry with a clean towel. Following this, apply an ointment or cream to lock in surface moisture.


Dry and Sensitive Skin: Kaolin clay, known for its gentleness, proves to be an excellent choice for individuals with sensitive skin. This makes it an ideal option for those seeking a clay mask that won't be harsh on their skin. It effectively absorbs excess oils from the skin and contributes to inflammation reduction. Kaolin clay operates by extracting impurities from pores, making it suitable for those with blemish-prone and oily skin types. Additionally, it exhibits mild astringent properties that aid in controlling excess oil and enhancing skin complexion.



Did you know our Mud Mask Powder can also be used for this?


As a hair product: Kaolin clay has found its way into certain hair care products, primarily for its scalp detoxifying properties. It can enhance scalp well-being by absorbing surplus oils, thereby warding off issues like yeast overgrowth, inflammation, and dandruff.


Nature-kind fact: Packaged in a glass jar that can easily be reused for refills in studio for a 5% discount or re-purposed for storage of crafting materials and other DIY cosmetics.

Facial Clay Mask

Mud mask powder options
  • All of our products are for external use only. Consult with a professional or contact us shouldyou have questions about the product.

  • What is the Cicco Aroma brand philosophy?
    At Cicco Aroma we believe in harnessing the healing properties of plant and earth to cater to body,mind,heart and soul while being kinder to the enviroment. Our purpose and promise is to deliver safe, sustainable, effective plant-based clean-beauty products and home care solutions that are people and planet-friendly. We believe in putting the care back in skin care and home care.
  • Are your products natural?
    Our consciously designed personal care products are rooted in nature. 95% or more of the ingredients found in our products are naturally derived. Which means our ingredient list will include items derived or taken; from earth such as clays or salts and/or plants such as fruit, leaves , roots, herbs, and essential oils. All ingriedients used are considered for their safety and efficacy for you, your family and the impact to the environment.
  • Are your products vegan friendly?
    They most certainly are! Our products are 100% vegan and made without the use any animal byproducts.
  • Do your products contain parabens?
    Our products are paraben free. They are formulated without silicones, phthalates, animal by-products, formaldehyde, SLS/SLES, synthetic colors, synthetic fillers and other known harmful substances that cross our radar. We aim for are safe, non-toxic, vegan and cruelty-free products.
  • Where can I see a list of your ingredients?
    Our plant-based super star ingredient are listed on the product detail pages on our website. A full ingredient list for each of our products can be found on packaging. If you have questions, please do not hesisate to contact us, message us on social media pages, or chat with us online.
  • Can your products be used on sensitive skin?
    Our products are formulated to be suitable for all skin types. However, everyone’s skin can react differently, so we suggest testing on a small patch before using.
  • Are your products safe to use during pregnancy or while nursing/breastfeeding?
    Our products are non-toxic and vegan, with earth and plant-based ingredients well researched for their safe use. If you are pregnant or nursing and have concerns, we suggest consulting your doctor on the use of any product regarding allergies that may occur during pregnancy.
  • What do you mean by eco-concisous packaging?
    At Cicco Aroma we believe in putting the care back in skin care and home care by opting for packaging solutions that can be re-used or re-purposed with ease. We are aware the beauty industry produced over 120 billion units of waste each year, and strive to reduce the devastating impact on our planet using the Research, Reduce and Re-use model. For example, our body butters, oils, scrubs and soy candles are packaged in conatiners that can easily be washed with soap and water and repurposed as cups, to hold new product, crafts or tools. We encourgae our clients to share their creativity when repurposing our containers and reward them for thier constribution in helping save our planet.
  • Where are Cicco Aroma products made?
    Our skin-care products are proudly made in Canada.
  • Where can I get Cicco Aroma products?
    Our products can be purchased online at our Self Love Shop, as well as virtual pop up markets in the Greater Toronto Market. We also frequent farmers markets in the Greater Toronto Area.
  • What is Cicco Aroma Aromtherapy Jewelry?
    For centuries, Aromatherapy has been called upon to combat many different types of physical and emotional conditions by using scent for relaxation and healing. Now you can have it on the go and harness the power of Aromatherapy all day long with our collection of Aromatherapy Diffuser Jewelry. Simply add a few drops of your favourite essential oil or blend to diffuser pads or beads. Our jewelry comes with a starter blend of pure aromatherapy grade essential oils at no additional charge with your purchase.
  • How do I use my Aromtherapy Jewelry?
    For Lockets: Open the locket that is held shut by a strong magnetic closure Add 2-3 drops of your chosen essential oil to the diffuser pad. Center the diffuser pad and close the locket Enjoy the continuous release of your chosen scent for 3-5 days, and reapply drops as needed for continued aromatic release For Beaded jewlery Add 2-3 drops of your chosen essential oil to the lava bead (limit application on metal as this may alter its appearance). Enjoy the continuous release of your chosen scent for 3-5 hours, and reapply drops as needed for continued aromatic release all day long.