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I don't know who needs to hear this...(part 1)

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

I don't know who needs to hear or read this but you have a choice to be positive today. This very second, you alone have the power to allow yourself to decide the tone of your day.

There is no doubt that staying positive during a world Pandemic can take a toll on even the strong. For many sane souls, finding a reason to smile, stay hopeful, and just being grateful seems more challenging by the day. If we are not burdened by the obstacles we must face, then we may be troubled by the uncertainty that lingers.

However being challenged can have a positive spin on it. It can translate to emotional growth, skill development, spiritual satisfaction, and soul clarity. Trying times can be a good thing; a necessary thing. Having a positive attitude in these moments can be difficult but it is possible.

How you may ask? I decided to. I have made it my personal mission to live each day with my positive foot forward.

So much so I have had friends ask how I do it. I often say, "there is no choice but to be". However I never really explained further that for me, being negative is the easy route, and I am just not wired to do easy.

This surely may offend some people but it is the hard truth. Choosing to be positive and grateful, especially in trying times, is not easy! Fact is it is more challenging to employ one's inner strength and remain determined to have a positive mindset than it is to respond with the default alternative which is to give into the negativity. I know this first hand as I have swam in both perspectives.

Maintaining a positive attitude when you have lost a job, are constantly in pain, are mourning, heartbroken, and feeling trapped with no end in sight is like asking one to inhale and exhale at the same time. This may be physically impossible but staying positive is not.

As I mentioned, it is 'like' asking one to inhale and exhale simultaneously, not that it is. Developing a positive attitude towards life takes creativity, practice and work. It is a conscious effort to chose to see a different perspective and act against our natural bias to be negative. What has helped me through the years is a very valuable lesson instilled in me as a child.

"Leave every room you walk into, and every soul you meet, better than you found it, or at the very least the way you found it."

It is easier to be positive when you bring your own positivity. When your attitude is not determined by where you are in life and who you meet but rather by what you are; determined, strong, creative, empathetic, humble, and kind, then your will to overcome the negative is more pronounced.

I find that reminding myself who I am, with positive affirmations, written on walls around me and in books that hold my secrets has helped me to develop thick skin in negative situations. When I falter and dare to ask, "What is so great about being positive?" I am reminded of my options. That is, what is so great about the alternative to being positive? The answer is always nothing.

I would rather be the light in the room, than the darkness that robs myself and others of hope and joy. That is why I am able to dance in the rain, and smile through the storm. I know it is not easy, great things in life never really are. There is enough negativity in the world that even a little positivity goes a long way.

I guess all I am saying is, I don't know who needs to hear or read this but you have the choice to be positive today. Choose wisely!

With care in mind,


Cicco Aroma

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